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Medford, Or

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Meridian Wellness Center

woman giving back massage to a girlHello and welcome to Meridian Wellness Center! We offer high quality care. Here at Meridian Wellness Center we are a group of different practitioners who aim to provide some of the best healing tools for our clients. If you are experiencing chronic pain, healing an injury, or needing to support well being many of these treatments can be a powerful tool in facilitating health both in body and mind. We provide various modalities to meet ones individual needs.

Our goal is to connect and tailor treatments according to ones individual needs. Whether through massage therapy, acupuncture, Sauna, or hydrotherapy you can find a variety of options for wellbeing here at Meridian Wellness.

In todays world we are living in a high stress high toxicity environment and it is vital to make self care a priority in order to have optimal health. Many diseases and chronic pain are being linked to these stressors. Many people are discovering that receiving regular holistic care actually improves their overall health both physically and mentally. Here at Meridian Wellness we encourage our clients to make their health a top priority.

Due to the independence of the clinic we are by appointment only. Depending on your needs you can contact the individual you would like a treatment with.  We hope to see you all soon!